Patented 2K Technology from the spray paint can – Made in Germany

The new 2-component technology formula that was specially developed for the DIY market is completely different to conventional spray can technology and offers the DIY sector many new and improved application possibilities with respect to quality, processing and painting results.

The 2K PRO spray paint technology is based on the patented and proven ‘can-in-a-can system’ with a separate, integrated hardener cartridge and, in particular, an innovative hardener system formulation.

Product benefits

Stronger adhesion. Connection and wetting. Durable result quality

Compared to conventional 1-component products, the interaction of the 2 components, paint and hardener, delivers a much higher premium quality that is distinguished by:

  • UV and weather resistance
  • Fuel and solvent resistance
  • Very good adhesion
  • High wear and scratch resistance
  • Excellent anti-corrosion properties 



2K Technology

2K technology – 2 products in one can


  • 2K PRO technology comprises 2 components, paint and hardener, in one spray paint can
  • The hardener is integrated in a separate closed cartridge
  • The hardener is activated or released at the push of a button and mixed with the paint material
  • The 2K PRO technology guarantees excellent product and result quality, on a par with workshop paintwork with a painting gun

Schematic cross-sectional diagram


  • No oxygen penetration thanks to the self-contained system, which means longer processing time
  • The hardener is dosed precisely, no mixing errors
  • Safe and operator-friendly triggering / activation process



Operating instructions


Spray lock and settable spray nozzle

Safe storage

2K PRO products are equipped with a spray lock. This prevents unintentional spraying. After shaking, the spray lock is removed and, after use, replaced to ensure safe storage.

Optimised working

The spray jet can be steplessly set on the spray nozzle, from a horizontal jet through to a vertical spray jet. This optimises work and handling processes depending on the object and the position that is to be sprayed.